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John Barleycorn Awards recognizes all aspects of the spirits industry and is essentially two competitions: Taste, and Marketing + Design.

The online entry system is quick, easy and extremely flexible. After registration, you can go back into your My Account at any time and add entries, pay and upload files. You can save your changes and abandon at any point.

For taste categories, you will be prompted to send two (2) 750 ml bottles of each entry to our Dallas processing center at 127 Pittsburg St. Dallas, TX 75207.  For all other categories, you will have the opportunity to upload work samples, photos, etc. any time after checkout. Each category during the entry process will detail the materials or summaries required for judging. Any common file type is acceptable.

While filling out the entry information, you may want to print out or refer to the Categories list in the left-hand margin tab. There is also a Chat box in the lower right hand of the screen for live help.

Taste entrants also have the option of filling out the entry form and mailing it in.

For Marketing + Design entries, if you send in your entries, please attach a copy of the entry form with the entries. Submit only one copy of each entry. For example, one bottle for bottle design or label.

  • Register- Upload your company logo, fill in a company description and your social media information. This is parent or entering company information. You will be asked for brand logos during the entry process.
  • Input your title of entry. Fill in the requested company information and choose a category. There is a three-step category process. You will be given a choice of a main heading such as Taste, or Marketing + Design, followed by a choice of sub-categories. For example, choices under Taste would be Whiskey, Vodka, Rum, etc. The third level would be a choice such as an age statement. Marketing + Design would also have their own specific selection choices. If all three category levels are not filled, you will not be able to move on to the next page of the entry process.
  • You will proceed to checkout before uploading any entry files.
  • At checkout, you will be given the option to pay by check or credit card. If you click check, you can mail a check or go back into My Account later and pay with a credit card.
  • After checkout, if you are entering the Marketing + Design competition you will be given the opportunity to upload files, logos and/or word documents for each entry. You can also revisit your entries on your My Account page at any time to upload additional files or edit project information.
  • Upon payment, you will receive an automatic email receipt and accounting of your entries.
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John Barleycorn Awards has two sets of judges. One group comprises trade writers skilled in the art of evaluating the taste, quality and character of fine spirits. The other group consists of marketing professionals trained in the advertising, promotion and marketing of spirits.

Taste is under the leadership of noted spirits writer John McCarthy who has assembled some of the top spirits writers in the industry. Judges are trained, experienced, long-time spirits professionals. Most have participated in numerous other tasting competitions.

Judging is conducted over a period of days in New York City. Judges are afforded the time to give each entry the effort and consideration it deserves. Entries are blind-tested, judged at random and not compared to other submissions in their category. Judges grade each entry on a 100-point scale based on a series of criteria relating to appearance, aroma, taste, and finish.

Marketing + Design is overseen by the Association of Marketing & Communication Professionals at its judging facility in Dallas. Entries are evaluated at random and not compared directly to other entries in their categories. In most instances, there is no need for extensive explanations by the entrant. Work is judged on its own quality, creativity, and resourcefulness.

  • DOUBLE GOLD: Outstanding; earns top marks from all judges
  • GOLD: An excellent product; meets very high standards
  • SILVER: A well-crafted product deserving recognition
  • HONORABLE MENTION: Meets the standards of the industry

Both judging panels give each of their entries a score based on 100 points. Scores of 95-100 are Double Gold Winners, 90-94 are Gold Winners, 80-89 are Silver Winners, and 79-60 is an Honorable Mention. There may be multiple winners or no winners in a category.

John Barleycorn entry fees are the most reasonable in the industry. Entrants can take advantage of the relatively low cost by submitting multiple entries. Instead of charging five hundred + dollars per entry like other competitions, entry fees are $350 for Taste categories, $125 for single element Marketing entries and $175 for Marketing Campaigns. If an entry is submitted in more than one category, an additional entry fee is required for each time it is entered.

Winners in all categories will have the option to purchase the John Barleycorn statuette, a custom, metal award commissioned by the John Barleycorn Society for $220. The optional purchase keeps entry fees low and makes it more economical to enter multiple projects and categories.

All winners are provided access to John Barleycorn graphics, information, and use of name without any charges or licensing fees.

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John Barleycorn Awards reserves the right to display information submitted by Taste Competition entrants on winner’s lists, galleries and social media. Marketing + Design entrants will be given the option during the entry process to not grant permission to have their work displayed. This option recognizes that work produced for clients can sometimes be subject to permissions and copyrights.
Entries will not be returned unless special arrangements are made. No entrant information is sold, traded, made available to a third party or used for any other purpose.

For Taste, each entry is $350. For Marketing + Design, each entry is $125 for regular categories. A campaign entry is $175 and is THREE or more pieces for the same client with a common theme. The pieces can be in the same or mixed media.

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Marketing + Design categories must be entered online. Taste can be entered online or by printing an entry form and sending it in with your entries.

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Enclose two (2) 750 ml bottles or three (3) 500 ml bottles per entry. For Marketing + Design categories like bottle design, send one bottle per entry. Include a copy of your completed entry form in your shipment. Write on the boxes: “Sample materials, Not for resale. Glass enclosed.”

Send to:
John Barleycorn Awards
127 Pittsburg St
Dallas, TX 75207

Shipments from Outside the United States:

International entrants needing assistance with import into the United States, please contact info@barleycornawards.com

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