Honkaku Spirits


  US - New York,  NY

Honkaku Spirits is devoted to bringing intensely artisanal Japanese spirits to discerning American customers with a particular focus on koji-based spirits including Honkaku (meaning authentic) Shochu, Ryukyu Awamori from Okinawa, and koji whiskey, an as-yet undefined but widely enjoyed category of whiskey. Working exclusively with family-run suppliers, Honkaku Spirits endeavors to introduce the finest traditional spirits Japan has to offer.

  About Project

Named for the traditional silk kimono belt, the Obi Collection from Honkaku Spirits comprises shochu made by female producers. The initial launch includes two suppliers and five expressions, all from Kyushu. Ms. Masako Furusawa has been the master brewer-distiller and president of the distillery since 2007, when she took over for her father upon his passing. Masako is the 5th generation owner, while her mother, Motoko, was the 3rd; Masako’s father had been the 4th. Motoko’s niece, Mahoko, is slated to take over the family business once Masako retires. Deeply rooted in the family’s history, this distillery produces a variety of traditional shochus that embody generations of ritual and tradition. The label mimics the shape of an obi, and the neck label mimics a kimono collar.

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