Nelson's greenbrier Distillery


  US - Nashville,  TN

In 2006 Andy and Charlie discovered details of their Triple Great Grandfather's story that had been passed down to them about the family whiskey business that had been located in the Greenbrier Tennessee. They visited Greenbrier Historical Society started asking questions about the old Nelson Distillery. Here, the Nelsons met with the curator, who revealed her most prized possessions: two original bottles of Nelson’s Green Brier Tennessee Whiskey. For a moment, time stood still. It was love at first sight. Charlie and Andy knew... “This is our destiny.” Andy and Charlie explored the land that was once home to the nation’s largest producer and supplier of Tennessee Whiskey. They drank from the stream that still runs today and that had supplied Charles Nelson the water needed to create his spirits so long ago. They made a pact to bring the family whiskey business back to life. After much research, planning and hard work, the Nelsons re-formed the business that had closed exactly 100 years earlier in 1909. Charlie and Andy followed their hearts, devoting their lives to resurrecting Nelson's Green Brier Tennessee Whiskey.
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Category: Label Design | 1350. Historic/Traditional