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Promoting Fever-Tree and Agency’s Spirits Clients on Valentine’s Day
With Valentine’s Day an important occasion on the annual drinks calendar, the agency brainstormed a video series to maximize its impact, which was executed in-house by our Digital Studio Division. The theme was two-fold. First, it centered on raising the visibility of our Fever-Tree client, the world’s leading producer of premium mixers. The brand’s premise is #MixWithTheBest, meaning its award-winning mixers can be paired with an unlimited array of base spirits to create simple, yet elevated cocktails.

To illustrate the point, we playfully paired Fever-Tree with our beloved spirits clients: Town Branch Bourbon with Fever-Tree Ginger Ale, Barr Hill Gin with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic, and iichiko Saiten Shochu with Fever-Tree Club Soda. The animated videos had the Fever-Tree bottles coming together with the spirits bottles, all with a romantic soundtrack. The message was clear. These pairings are a “marriage” made in heaven, to play off the romance of Valentine’s Day.

The video series was promoted on the agency’s social media platforms, as well as YouTube and the agency’s website, generating excitement, engagement and many smiles. It was a very effective way of raising awareness of our clients, reinforcing their messaging and entertaining our media friends. The series is part of our agency’s ongoing commitment to co-marketing of non-competing clients that is a win-win for all involved.

Promote on Hanna Lee Communications’ social media channels, website and YouTube.

Raise awareness of Fever-Tree, Town Branch Bourbon, Barr Hill Gin and iichiko Saiten
Reinforce the positioning of Hanna Lee Communications as an innovative agency that is taking brand building to the next level through multimedia storytelling

The agency promoted the video series extensively on its social media channels, website and on YouTube.

The video series generated extensive excitement and engagement.

Category: Marketing/Promotion Campaign | 1302. Digital Media Campaign ($175)