Inspiro Tequila LLC


  US - Northbrook,  IL

Inspiro Tequila was founded by former Chicago attorney, Mara Smith. She started Inspiro Tequila to bring a female perspective to tequila. She and her friends enjoyed the clean, versatile spirit but the traditional brands did not appeal to them. Inspiro brought a new look, taste and aroma to tequila. Inspiro brought on legendary maestra tequila, Ana Maria Romero Mena, to meticulously handcraft their tequila. Every detail of the process is thoughtful from the agave selected to how it is cut to the specialty yeasts and exacting distillation process. Inspiro's Luna Blanco tequila is rested for a lunar quarter in American oak barrels to create a smooth tequila that is complex enough to elevate your cocktail and easy enough to sip on its own.
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