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Thoroughbred Spirits is a full-service spirits-focused consulting firm with the knowledge and experience to help brands in every stage. Our firm is comprised of a team of experts who consult on all facets of the spirits industry, making us a strong partner for concept-driven design and branding. Because we know the industry first-hand, our design team is dedicated to creating designs that aren’t just eye-catching and beautiful, but, most importantly, effective. We dig deep into the soul of your brand to fully understand your consumers, define what matters to them, translate this into best-in-class design, and prepare materials that will resonate to drive purchase and encourage loyalty. A design may be beautiful, but if it doesn’t connect with your consumer in an impactful manner, it won’t sell. The spirits business is, after all, a business, and your designs are critical to engaging your audience, enhancing their experience with your brand, and delivering sales. We understand that, and we can help. In addition to branding, packaging design, print materials, and marketing content for distilleries and spirits brands, Thoroughbred Spirits’ services focus on clients’ biggest problems and opportunities: concept ideation and business planning, strategy, product development, distillery engineering and planning, liquid development, route-to-market strategies, corporate finance, performance improvement, and general advisory.

  About Project

Sausalito has always been a harbor for unconventional thinkers and creators. From its picturesque house boats to the rugged natural beauty that surrounds it, this town -nestled in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge- embodies a rare charm where art and nature spark inspiration from any viewpoint. Engaged to turn this muse-of-a-town into a shareable spirit, the Thoroughbred team worked closely with the founders to delve into and convey its unique history and irreverent, artistic spirit throughout the brand creation and packaging design process. To bring Marin Coastal Gin to life, the team had to capture the essence of the terroir and the eccentric nature of the town itself. The result is a dynamic and easygoing design achieved by blending weathered elements that mimic the landscape and sea with vibrant colors and typography emulating the creativity that flows through the streets.


Head of Creative: Benjamin Carr Head of Client Services: Kristin Shirtz Senior Artworker: Jamie Berwick

Category: Label Design | 1349. Creative/Unusual