RD1 Spirits


  US - Lexington,  KY

RD1 was formed in 2020 RD1 to celebrate the firsts in our lives, namely the first federally registered distillery in Lexington, KY (est. 1865). We are doing things a little differently than these bourbon legends, but it's their courage and incredible stories that push us forward. Today, we craft impressive Kentucky Straight Bourbon to honor those who were first to create, first to believe, first to remove barriers. We know the ones who follow will do it differently (just like RD1 is), but everyone knows nothing is possible without the first. RD1 represents a spirit to dare. A gift all firsts possess. Inspired by these mavericks of the past and with eyes wide open to the future, RD1 Spirits exists to explore where Bourbon can go. We are fascinated by the beautiful interaction of Kentucky Straight Bourbon and unique types of wood to finish aging the whiskey in the barrel. We are currently experimenting with more than 10 types of wood. Our goal is to help bourbon aficionados continue to discover and to introduce unique tasting experiences to those new to bourbon.
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Category: Bottle Design | 1345. Historic/Traditional Appearance