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This bourbon/recipe was inspired from our Great Grandpa George's recipe. He used to distill bourbon during prohibition at the Monroe Inn in Detroit, MI. Al Capone's purple gang used to stop at the Inn as they were running booze on the Bloody Highway. Grandpa George would hide the whiskey in the floorboards of the Inn, and suck it out with a whiskey thief, which hangs in our distillery today. All our spirits have our boys fishing in Lolo Creek on the labels. If you have ever seen the movie, A River Runs Through It, which was filmed and took place where we are located, it reminds us of our boys. At the end of the movie, the main character references to his deceased ancestors, and how he feels near them when he's fishing....he states, "These waters haunt me." We put it all together and called our inspired bourbon Haunted Waters. We also silhouetted a ghostly picture of Great Grandpa George fishing with our boys. And, after you drink down the bourbon, there is a hidden message on the inside of the label(inside right)...we thank Grandpa George for the inspiration. May his spirit live on through these Haunted Waters!

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