Hemingway Rum Co.


  US - Lakeland ,  FL

Hemingway Rum Company, LLC is a distilled spirit’s company based in Florida that’s dedicated to producing super-premium worldly sourced rums inspired by the world's greatest adventurer, Ernest Hemingway. The Company’s flagship offerings are Papa's Pilar® Dark and Blonde Rum, along with Sherry casks finished and Rye-Finished Rum expressions. The Company encourages consumers of legal drinking age to “Live Courageously and Drink Responsibly” and proudly supports local organizations that serve Ernest Hemingway’s adventurous, literary and conservational legacy. Papa’s Pilar® is a proud member of the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS).
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  About Project

Ernest is a harmonious blend of hand-selected rums, expertly crafted with the utmost precision and masterly blended by 7th Generation Master Distiller, Ron Call. After the initial aging process, it undergoes a unique double-finishing technique that sets it apart from the rest: first, in new, 36-month air-dried staves in heavy toasted American white oak barrels, imparting rich and robust flavors. It is then double-finished in both cognac casks and Armagnac casks. Housed in bespoke collectors packaging worthy of the rum itself. Showcasing in a meticulously designed crystal decanter-style bottle, this Exclusive Edition release is a testament to true artisanship and sophistication. Every detail has been thoughtfully designed & executed with the utmost precision - 1. Inspiration photo of Hemingway at his home, finca vigia in Cuba, with the decanter-style bottle, 2. Crystal decanter bottle with crystal top & travel cork with wood & gold detail, 3. Removable valet with gold plaque, 4. Wood siding, styled after the Armagnac barrel finish, Cream velvet insides, with fine hand stitching and gold rivet piping.

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