Cashid Beverage Ltd. Co.


  US - Sugar Land,  TX

Friends give us a heart full of joy, hands full of purpose, and a life filled with luxe and fun moments. We call this the Limoncello Life! Our weekly gathering of friends led us to limoncello many years ago. The cocktail of the evening was always carefully planned and decided upon by the host. In these moments, we noticed that sippable spirits without adding tons of ingredients were missing from the market. This led to the unveiling of our very own limoncello. So why not marry the creativity of two best friends with a necessary option in the ultra-premium market? The company combines the founders’ last names, Carter and Rashid, to create Cashid Beverage. We wanted a premium spirit that could be mixed, sipped, or even taken as a shot—a sippable cocktail for celebrations, parties, or even girlfriends hanging out. Instead, the market is filled with sugary spirits or hard liquors and very few “in-between” options. Cashid Beverage Ltd Co began believing that ultra-premium liqueurs could have a special place in the current beverage landscape. Liqueurs are often looked at as a drink option for the novice drinker simply because the sweetness typically overpowers the taste of the base liqueur, allowing the producer to use lower-quality ingredients in their juice recipe. However, we firmly believe that a liqueur can be both tasty and refreshing while including the highest quality ingredients on the market.
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