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In order to help Brand Ambassadors’ educate others about Casa Noble, we brought the brand’s sense of quality, passion, and care for tequila-making to life by showcasing the importance of the barrels used in the aging process. A box containing a used piece of Casa Noble barrel (stave) was accompanied by a card featuring the story of the barrels—the wood, the pores, the cooperage, and the location from which they are sourced—and instructions on how to use and care for the stave. This box captured not only the essence of the brand but also turned something educational into something truly special.


Jen Rampe—Creative Director
Nate Phelps—Creative Supervisor; Art Director
Lisa Lodder—Associate Director, Editorial
Bess Johnson—Proofreader
Kay Horton-Leonard—Proofreader
Jeff Zielinski—Senior Production Supervisor
Ry-Gan Printing, Inc.
Hawver Displays

Category: Public Relations | 1309. Brand Ambassador ($175)