Thoroughbred Spirits Design


  US - Westmont,  IL

Thoroughbred Spirits is a full service spirits-focused consulting firm with the knowledge and experience to help brands in every stage. Our firm is comprised of a team of experts who consult on all facets of the spirits industry, making us a strong partner for concept-driven design and branding. Because we know the industry firsthand, our design team is dedicated to creating designs that aren’t just eye-catching and beautiful, but, most importantly, effective. We dig deep into the soul of your brand to fully understand your consumers, define what matters to them, translate this into best-in-class design, and prepare materials that will resonate to drive purchase and encourage loyalty. A design may be beautiful, but if it doesn’t connect with your consumer in an impactful manner, it won’t sell. The spirits business is, after all, a business, and your designs are critical to engaging your audience, enhancing their experience with your brand, and delivering sales. We understand that, and we can help.

Category: Label Design | 1350. Historic/Traditional