Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey


  US - Shelbyville,  TN

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Tasting Notes:

“Beautiful whiskey! A friendly, spicy nose gives way to rich vanilla, baked orchard fruits and a hint of roasted peanuts in the finish. It’s rich, chewy and very sippable.”

“Earthy yet beautifully bold—this makes me think of some of the best Old Forester Birthday Bourbons I’ve ever tasted—might even be their recipe. If so, it’s a gorgeous execution of the best they have to offer.”

Region: Tennessee
Country of Origin: Uncle Nearest
Category: Whisk(e)y | 107. Bourbon, Single Barrel, Age Stated 11+ Years

Alcohol Content: 58.55
Retail Price: $120
Production Volume: Production Vol. in Proof Gal. (Optional)