Cape Fear Distillery


  US - Elizabethtown,  NC

  About Project

This wonderfully smooth and consistently complex Solera Whiskey is the result of an arduous and rare aging process, called Solera, which is Spanish for “Ground.” Oak barrels in three vertical tiers are filled with whiskey. After one year, half of the contents of the bottom barrels are removed, bottled and replaced with aged whiskey from the barrels immediately above, which are then topped off with half of the contents of the top barrels. New whiskey is then added only to the top barrels. This cascading continues and only the oldest whiskey from the bottom “ground” barrels, or Solera, is bottled. Our Solera aging process started in 2015.

Tasting Notes:
  • Big fruit on the nose, dark and earthy on the palate, in a good way.
Country of Origin: USA
Category: Whisk(e)y | 109. American, Blended, NAS

Alcohol Content: 45
Retail Price: 69.95
Production Volume: Production Vol. in Proof Gal. (Optional)