James Bay Distillers, Ltd.


  US - Everett,  WA

Distillers and blenders of whiskies and gins, including bourbons and single malts as well as select curated Scotch and Canadian whiskies. Gins include citrus-forward, barrel-aged and unique berry infusions.
Tasting Notes:
  • This whisky shows a lot of complexity, utilizing all the space within the corn profile. It’s initially sweet but quickly finds a nutty character that turns bright while showcasing subtle oak influences. Very well done.
  • Lovely buttery nose that gets me excited to take a sip. And the taste delivers the promise of the aroma. This is a terrific sipper.
Region: British Columbia
Country of Origin: Canada
Category: Whisk(e)y | 129. Canadian, Single Grain, (specify)

Alcohol Content: 44
Retail Price: $49.99
Production Volume: < 5000