Ghost Hollow Distillery Inc.


  US - Quincy,  IL

Ghost Hollow Distillery Inc. produces spirits by using the best ideas of three friends quite familiar with fermentation to bring together the simple materials of grain, yeast and water in our own way, to yield whiskey and vodka we are proud to share with others. After all, everyone has a life to li
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Tasting Notes:

“The gentle scent of caramel and corn like Cracker Jack wafts gently noseward, promising delights for the taste buds, and it delivers. Vanilla, burnt sugar, caramel, and berry notes plays nicely with hints of freshly baked bread. Here’s a whiskey I’d be pleased to encounter again.”

Region: Quincy, IL
Country of Origin: USA
Category: Whisk(e)y | American / Blended | 1050. NAS

Alcohol Content: 49.3
Retail Price: $40
Production Volume: < 5000